Late September fishing in Dorset is fantastic; I love it. I decided I fancied a quick fish just before dusk down in Chesil Cove. I am not sure if the choice of  location  had more to do with the possibility of catching a nice Bass or Pollock, or the thought of a nice pint in the Cove House Inn afterwards. What ever it was it, I know it was the right decision. I did manage a couple of small Pollock, certainly nothing to brag about but fun all the same. I basically had the whole beach to myself for as far as I could see. I am know there were some anglers down at Ferrybridge, but they were so far away I could not make them out.

It turns out one of those anglers was my friend Paul. He called me later to tell me that he had just had a great session with a Codling of about 5lb, Bream, Plaice and Gurnard all from the same mark. Unusually he even managed to take a picture of it.


I met up with a couple of divers that gave me some great information about what was around in Chesil Cove. It seems that the John Dory’s are still right in the corner, but I have yet to hear of anyone catching any of them. I was surprised to hear from the diver that there are a lot of Plaice in the Cove as well. He said that some were as close as 30yds out. He also mentioned that he had spotted the largest Plaice he had ever seen. I know that there have been some huge Plaice caught out on the boats this week, so they seem to be moving in to the area.  I mentioned earlier in the week about an angler on catching a 7lb 3oz Plaice from Offshore Rebel. A couple of days later Belgian visitor Sven Audenaert landed this monster 7lb 4oz from Chris Caines Tiger Lilly.

Chris bigger Plaice

Some of you may have noticed a few changes to the site this week. Due to the increased number of posts that we are doing, readers have been telling us that they can’t find the fishing forecast or catch reports.  We have added a new upper menu tag for fishing reports. This has two sections; one for Dorset the other for the Solent. Hopefully we will continue to increase the number of posts put out on a daily basis.

I guess the question on a lot of anglers lips today, is whether it is worth going Cod fishing on Chesil this weekend. To be brutally honest I wouldn’t bother! Easterly winds, small tides and the fact that the Cod shouldn’t really be here yet any way, would make me think about the alternatives. There are still plenty of summer species around. I guarantee there will be more Black Bream and Gurnard caught this weekend than Cod. My top tip for fish this weekend has to be Preston Beach for Bass. A stiff Easterly wind is creating perfect conditions for catching Bass.

Sea Conditions: 

Water temperature 16.4*c.

Chesil Beach: Although the beach is sheltered from the wind, there is a 1.5m swell the water has a milky tinge to it.

Portland: 1.5m swell, with lightly coloured water.

Portland Harbour: choppy with lightly coloured water.

Weymouth Bay:  Lots of surf running back to around 100m, the water is coloured.

Chesil Beach forecast: I am pretty certain that fishing on Chesil this weekend will be good. Not necessarily for Codling, but certainly for Bream, Garfish, Plaice, Dabs, Rays, Smoothound and Sole, jus to name a  few. There are still lots of Mackerel on the beach, and following those Mackerel are the Bass.

Conditions are good for Sole. Night sessions are producing some great catches from Cogden. The best bait for Sole has to be lugworm.

Portland: Holiday makers

Portland Harbour: With the easterly wind blowing into the harbour, the chances of picking up a Bass are pretty high. the water is just about clear enough to be able to use lures. For those not wanting to lure fish, then Lugworm, Ragworm or Peeler Crab will work. There are still reports of Gilthead Bream being caught from small boats and kayaks in the harbour.

Weymouth Bay: With an easterly wind creating a long line of surf along Weymouth Esplanade and along to Bowleaze Cove, the chance of getting a Bass is fairly high. Live Peeler Crab, Slipper Limpet, Lugworm and Ragworm all work at this mark. Use a light surf rod or even a spinning or Carp rod for the best sport. You only need to cast out 30yds at the most.

If fishing the beach is not for you then both piers are going to give you the chance of Pollock, Garfish, Pout and Wrasse. It is a great mark for those that fancy trying their hand at LRF fishing, with tiny lures. The piers are home to loads of mini species that can give you a great session trying to catch new species.

Guiding & Lessons: Despite September and October being the best months for lure fishing for Bass, I still have quite a few days left.  Have a look on the guiding link at the top of the page or drop me an email for more details to

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