The fishing is pretty unpredictable at the moment. The May water seems to be moving from West to East in very large pockets. Yesterday afternoon it cleared from the Chesil Cove area, but I could see it streaming into Portland Harbour through the entrances. THe Harbour has cleared a bit now, but Chesil is green again, as you can see from this short video

I have not been to check today, but I have heard the Abbotsbury and West Bexington are even worse. If you can find the clear water, thats where the fish are especially the Mackerel. Ray and Smoothound fishing does not seem to have been so badly effected, with some nice 10lb Smoothound being landed at West Bexington.

I had an email from Ricardo Piranhas who recently fished Abbotsbury. He tells me they were having a pretty poor night with just a few small Pout and Dogfish. Just before midnight he wound down into a large weight which he thought might have been a Ray or  a large lump of weed. You can imagine his surprise when he landed a lovely 5lb Crab


Because of the conditions I am now going into full time lure fishing mode for a bit. It gives me the opportunity to quickly find areas that have better potential, even if I have to drive a bit further than normal. I will let you know how I get on.

Sea Conditions: 

Water temperature 10.7*c.

Chesil Beach: Calm . The water is pretty coloured with May water all along the beach now.

Portland: calm with coloured water.

Portland Harbour: Wavelets and clear.

Weymouth Bay: Calm and clear.

Chesil Beach forecast: Don’t expect too many Mackerel to get caught in the murky conditions. Rays and Smoothound seem less effected by the May water. Night tides are producing Pout and Dogfish as usual.

Portland: Although the visibility is not great the Wrasse are still feeding happily. No so for the Pollock, they seem to have moved off as well. I will have a go down there this evening to see if there are any around dusk.

Portland Harbour: I was amazed to see so many people fishing in amongst the wind surfers and kites along Hamm beach at the weekend. Despite the windsurfer traffic they did manage some School Bass ad Flounders on Ragworm.

Weymouth Bay: This area has not been so badly effected by the may water yet. No great reports of anything special from there but the Stone Pier continues to produce lots of different species.

Guiding & Lessons: If you are looking for Bass guiding in Dorset or any other guiding, then I am opening up the diary again for the next 6 months. Now that they fish have started to show, I should have some good sessions.  Have a look on the guiding link at the top of the page or drop me an email for more details to

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