Ray fishing in Dorset has gone mad. From the fossil Forest, through Preston Beach and all the way west along Chesil to Seaton, Rays have been caught in decent numbers. I had a confirmed report of a 17lb Blonde ray coming from West Bexington , Undulate and Small Eyed Rays from the Ferrybridge area of Chesil ad Undulates from Preston. Mix that with some Thornback Rays and you can guess what I wil be fishing for this weekend. My theory and I might be well wide of the mark, is they are following the Spider Crabs inshore. The spikey shells of the crabs are no match for the crushing power of a large Ray. Best baits are going to be Crab and Sandeel.

It won’t just be Rays that will be around this weekend. Expect plenty of Smoothound and Mackerel.

Sea Conditions: 

Water temperature 10.5*c.

Chesil Beach: Calm with a slight  swell. The water is slightly coloured.

Portland: Small waves, with good water clarity.

Portland Harbour: Calm and clear.

Weymouth Bay: Calm and clear.

Chesil Beach forecast: Chesil Beach is my top tip for this weekend. Mackerel, bass and Rays should all be around, with Plaice a good possibility from Abbotsbury and Cogden. If you are looking for Pollock and Wrasse from the beach then head down Chesil Cove end of the beach. You should be able to find Smoothound all along the beach.

Portland: Portland should be another good mark this weekend with plenty of Wrasse and Pollock about. If we are lucky then we could see some Bass falling to lures.

Portland Harbour: Finally some fish are showing in the harbour. Ragworm has taken quite a few Bass and Flounders recently from around Ferrybridge and along the Rodwell Trail. If the wind picks up a little bit later then conditions will be very good for lure fishing with surface lures. My preferred lure is the Seaspin Pro-Q 120 fished walk the dog style.

Weymouth Bay: Preston Beach has produced some good Rays this week and I can see no reason why it won’t produce more this weekend. Stone Pier is fishing well. Mackerel and the first Garfish have been caught there, along with Pout, Pollock and Wrasse.

Guiding & Lessons: If you are looking for Bass guiding in Dorset or any other guiding, then I am opening up the diary again for the next 6 months. Now that they fish have started to show, I should have some good sessions.  Have a look on the guiding link at the top of the page or drop me an email for more details to sean@fishingtails.co.uk

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