One of the biggest ever shore caught fish to be caught in England, was landed last night by Guy Spriggs from Chesil Beach. Guy who lives in Barnstable, Devon fished the Portland end of Chesil beach in search of Ray. He certainly found a Ray; weighing 78.6lb, this smashes the current record of 67lb 12oz.

Stingray surprise


Stingray 78.6

Guy was fishing for Undulates using a large Bluey and a Squid as a bait. They say big baits catch big fish, and this proves that.

One of my friends, Demetri Loukanaris from Gloucester, was down for the start of a week long fishing session, when Guy’s son came running over asking him if he would help land a big Ray. I am pretty sure neither of them were expecting to see such a huge fish.

I asked Guy what the bite and fight was like. This was his reply. “I always fish on a slack clutch else I would have lost my rod. I saw the tip pull down then it steamed off towards France. It felt like ray but a lot more powerful. I could tell it wasn’t an eel, it didn’t have that feel. I have had Tope fight like that,so was expecting to get bitten off and have to tell the tale of the one that got away”

Thankfully Demetri got in the water and helped him land the record breaking fish. Like many anglers these days, Guy was more interested in the welfare of the fish, than claiming the glory of a British record at the expense of killing such a fine specimen.



I lost a rod and reel earlier in the year, when I had it pulled straight out of the rod rest. At the time I thought that there were very few fish that could have taken my rod so violently. One was a Tope and the other a Stingray. I dismissed the possibility of it being a Stingray, as we never get Stingrays on Chesil. Never say never!

Catching a special fish is an amazing feeling. Catching something like that is extra special. Well done Guy.

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