First post and a chance to introduce myself, I’ve been fishing since I was four years old with my father, who was both freshwater and an avid sea angler and I followed in his footsteps learning all the time and still am. I specialise in boat fishing, mainly wrecking and fishing on the drift with the occasional fishing at anchor when trotting back to a wreck or reef for Bream, Ling etc. I also fly fish mainly fishing from a float tube paddling around large lakes here in the Cotswolds, chasing rainbows and brownies.

I fish often as I’m semi retired although I do run my own small online tackle and lure making business, developing new lures for sale and for DIY so you will see these in action and new developments. Taking images plus shooting and editing video is also a passion of mine so my posts will be supported by images and video on many occasions so you will be able to see how my fishing trips and lures have worked out.

R&D on lures for fishing in Norway have proved to be very successful this year with Cod to 53lb and Halibut to 116lb plus some excellent Coalies. The images taken by the head guide Paul Stevens from Sportquest holidays are priceless so I will publish those in dedicated articles.

Videos from my popular Youtube channel generate good interest and I hope to start shooting more in depth short videos, covering my take on how I fish and the rigs and tackle I use from rods, reels right down to the lures and also work in conjunction with skippers dedicated to giving their customers a good days fishing. Links will be published to those and ones that are already live on past productions.

These two images show from the expression on my face that I enjoy what I do in fact I’m living the dream of turning my hobby into a jobby as I like to put it, so looking forward to posting more articles in the near future






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