Thanks to everyone that took part in the poll. that we put up last week. What is very obvious from it, is people want more articles on marks, boat and kayak fishing, a larger coverage area and more regular forecasts and catch reports. Unbelievably some idiot asked that I tell the truth for a change; what a fool! How boring would that be? Being serious for a moment it is very difficult to give more regular updates, especially at this time of year, because there is very little being caught, and conditions remain the same for extended periods. As I do very little guiding at this time of year, I have to work in my winter job, which does not allow me the same amount of time to get round all the different marks, and speak with the contacts that I get a lot of the information from.

As you may have seen from yesterday’s article, we have already started adding new marks, and many more are planed for the year. I would like to cover as much of the country as possible. If anyone would like to help provide information on marks local to them, then please contact me. The regular boat reports will be coming back, as they were another popular request, and I aim to get out a lot more on my Kayak this year, so there will be a lot more information for those fishing from Kayak’s.

Another suggestion was to have a daily picture of Chesil beach conditions. At the moment, I don’t have the time to do that, and there is a webcam feed on the fishing report post that you can use. However Underwater Explorers normally post a daily picture of the Cove on their Chesil Beach Watch Facebook page. There is a lot of interest in having more videos, especially how to videos, and to include videos on new marks. Having looked at the feedback and the requirements for the site in the future, it may be necessary for some of the site to become part of a subscription service. Don’t worry, you wont have to pay for what you are getting now, but as new features are introduced, some will only be available to subscribed users for a small subscription fee. Those that contribute to the website will get free subscription.

The fish of the month competition is back on from this month. The winner this month will receive a copy of Henry Gilbey’s Ultimate Fishing Adventures: So get sending in your pictures for this month. The fish must be caught during January. It is open to fish from anywhere in the country, from the shore or boat. All you have to do is let me know where, how and when.

The weather is not looking good for the weekend, with high winds once again. I am heading down the Bill to see if there are any Wrasse around. All that seems to be on Chesil is your normal Dogfish and Pout, with a few pin Whiting.

1st Dogfish

Sea Conditions: 

Water temperature 9.7*c.

Chesil Beach:  1m swell, with lightly coloured water.

Portland: 1m waves with lightly coloured water.

Portland Harbour: Calm with lightly coloured water

Weymouth Bay: Calm. The water is lightly coloured.

Chesil Beach forecast: The beach is going to be calm this morning, but from mid afternoon and all day tomorrow (Sunday), it will be very rough. With small tides, I can’t see too many Cod showing, but there will be Whiting and Rockling. I have been asked by Tom at Abbotsbury tackle to let everyone know that Abbotsbury Tackle remains open and you can pass through Abbotsbury although you can expect delays. If you are stopped either side of Abbotsbury, all you need to say is you are visiting Abbotsbury Tackle and they have to let you through.

Portland: I am going to have a go for some Wrasse this afternoon. I may stay until after dark if it doesn’t get too rough, to try for  Bull Huss or Conger.

Portland Harbour: There was a few Flounder and a couple of Bass caught in the harbour at the weekend, so the chances of picking some up over the next couple of days are good. Ragworm and Lugworm will work well in the harbour.

Weymouth Bay: Preston looks like a good choice to keep out of the wind for the next couple of days Bass, Flounder, Pout and Whiting are still being caught. The Stone Pier is also going to produce fish, but in the whole they will be on the smaller side. Species are likely to be Wrasse, Pout, Pollock, Sea Scorpion and the possibility of Herring.

Guiding & Lessons: Now that we are well and truly in the grip of winter, most of my guiding trips for the next few months will be bait fishing trips. If the weather settles and the water clears for a week, then I will go for Pollock and Wrasse on lures. If you are thinking of booking a Plaice fishing trip, I am going to be running those from the second week of March. Until then it will be Wrasse from the rocks and Cod trips if the weather allows.  Have a look on the guiding link at the top of the page or drop me an email for more details to

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