Sandeel’s are the mainstay diet for many UK fish species including Bass, Cod, Whiting, Turbot and Rays to name but a few. Bass and Rays are particularly fond of them. Without a doubt live Sandeels are an exceptional bait, and could arguably be classed as the best live bait you can use. However obtaining, keeping, presenting and casting a live Sandeel, presents numerous problems. Thus making them impractical for most occasions when fishing from the shore. Blast frozen Sandeels on the other hand, are easy to get hold of and fairly cheap. Allow them to thaw out before using them, this helps when you are trying to rig them.

The following is a step by step guide on how to rig a Sandeel, or as in this case two Sandeels, to give a streamlined and effective bait. I have included a video to make things even clearer:

You will need the following: A 2/0 or 3/0 Pennel rig, Sandeels, scissors or a knife and some bait elastic.

2013-04-07 14.57.25

From your pack of Sandeels, select two that are roughly the same size.

2013-04-07 14.58.27

With your scissors or knife, cut the heads and tails off them, and try and make them the same size. The reason behind this is to make them easier to rig, give better bait presentation and release scent.

2013-04-07 14.59.33

Position the Sandeels so that they lie head to tail with each other. Hook one Sandeel through the top section and the other through the tail section, on the  the bottom pennel hook.

2013-04-07 15.00.30

Twist and flip the Sandeels so they lay along the length of the bottom hook, then using the top pennel, hook them through the opposite head and tail section (it is easier when you see it on the video).

2013-04-07 15.01.09

Using your bait elastic, firmly bind the Sandeel on to the hooks. Starting at the bottom and working your way up. Ensure the hook points remain uncovered.

2013-04-07 15.02.07

I have included a video so you can see the steps in action.

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