The Wishbone rig is a firm favourite amongst anglers targeting flat fish, especially Plaice, Flounder and Dabs. The main advantage of the wishbone rig, is it allows two hooks to be fished on the sea bed. It is normally used with small to medium sized baits, otherwise everything become too bulky, making casting difficult. When I make a wishbone rig, I like to design it to be clipped down to get extra distance when using it.

If crabs are a nuisance the wishbone section of the rig can be tied with micro swivels in place of the top stop knots and beads. This allows you to replace a single hook and snood, should a crab snip it off. I have recommended the use of 15lb snood line. This is only a guideline to what I normally use on Chesil. Increase or decrease the line strength depending on the species and ground over which you are fishing.

There is very little explanation needed to go with the diagrams below. However you should note that if you use beads with it, you will reduce your casting distance with each set if beads you add. If distance is essential then remove the beads all together.

Wishbone Rig

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