Another typical April day, with plenty of showers and wind coming from every direction throughout the day.

Wind forecast:  SW 16mph. Current wind: NW 10mph

Sea conditions: The colour has dropped out of the water leaving it with just a milky tinge, but there is still a good bit of swell running. The water around the rock marks is clearer, but still carrying some colour. Water temperature  9.7*c. Weymouth HW 9.35pm  2.09m high

Shore fish forecast:Chesil will be back to almost normal with Plaice and Dabs from West Bexington and Abbotsbury. Night tides are producing the normal Dogfish and Pout with some nice Smoothound coming to crab baits. Hive Beach is fishing well for Ray on Sandeel. Now that the colour has dropped from the water Mackerel are being caught all along the beach.

Portland Harbour has gone a bit quieter with not so many Bass as last week. The abundance of bait fish and Sandeel helped to bring the Bass in. A lot of small Bass were caught over the weekend. There has been plenty of anglers Kayak fishing in Portland Harbour and Weymouth bay over the past few days. I spoke to quite a few that told me they caught quite a few Bass, Pollock and Garfish.

Weymouth piers will fish well for numerous species including Pollock, Plaice (from the end), Wrasse, Pout and Garfish, with the odd Mackerel thrown in.

Boats: Charter boats will be out today, but that is likely going to be it for a few days  as the wind is going to be pretty strong tomorrow. The boats out at the weekend have good catxhes of Plaice and Turbot, and some Cod on the wrecks.

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