A lovely start to the day, but the wind will pick up a bit this afternoon then drop again this evening.

Wind forecast SW 15mph but staying calm for most of the day

Water Temperature: 11.2*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 4.44pm, 1.65m

Location:                                                     Sea State:                                     Water Clarity:

Chesil Beach                                               Calm with a slight ripple.         Slight milky tinge

Portland Bill                                               Calm with a slight ripple.         Clear with some weed in the bays

Portland Harbour                                     Calm                                              Slightly coloured with areas of heavy colour at Ferrybridge

Weymouth Bay                                          Calm                                             Clear

Chesil Beach forecast:Improved water clarity will mean that Mackerel should be easier to catch today. Perfect conditions with nice mid sized tides for Plaice and Dabs from Abbotsbury to Cogden. Normal baits of Ragworm tipped with squid should take, but if you can try tipping with uncooked prawn. The frozen variety works well. It is doing very well on the boats at the moment, so it must be worth a go on the shore as well. Don’t forget that fresh Mussels do very well and can be bought fairly cheaply from most supermarkets. Plenty of Dogfish showing during the day all along the beach. The Portland and Weymouth end of the beach is starting to see more Bream. A few early Garfish have been caught on float fished Mackerel strips.

Portland: Great conditions for Pollock and Wrasse on worm or lure. I have been having a lot of success with the Megabass Metal X Bubblehead and white Sidewinders for the Pollock and small Slugo’s and X-Layers for Wrasse and the odd Bass. Night sessions are producing the odd Bull Huss and Conger especially on the West side.

Portland Harbour: With water clarity still not fantastic lure fishing is a bit limited, but don’t let that put you off trying for Bass and Flounder on Ragworm or Peeler Crab.

Weymouth Bay: Plenty of fish all along the Stone Pier, giving plenty of easy fishing day and night. Fishing from the end of the piers has produced Flounder and Plaice recently.

Boats: Perfect conditions to reach some of the further away marks today. plenty of Bream now showing to the east. We should seem them around Portland in the next couple of weeks. Some nice Undulate Ray being landed at the moment. It would not surprise me to see the record being beaten from this area this year.

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