Current conditions are good, with a nice mid sized tide and overcast sky. Wind is still light but it will all change this afternoon.

Wind forecast E 28mph, currently it is SE 18mph

Water Temperature: 11.5*c                 Weymouth High Tide: 5.38pm, 1.81m

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Calm with a slight ripple that will increase through the afternoon. Water clarity is good

Portland Bill: West side is calm with a slight ripple. The East side is a bit choppy and that will become rougher later. Water clarity is good at the moment, but weed will build later.

Portland Harbour: A bit of a ripple that will become choppy short waves by around 4pm. The water is still slightly coloured with areas of heavy colour. Sandsfoot and Ferrybridge will colour up heavily this afternoon

Weymouth Bay: Small waves that will build to a good surf. Water clarity is poor becoming dirty as the afternoon progresses.

Chesil Beach forecast: You will be sheltered from the Easterly winds, which will keep the beach fairly calm. Improved water clarity will mean that Mackerel should be easier to catch today. Perfect conditions with nice mid sized tides for Plaice and Dabs from Abbotsbury to Cogden. Plenty of Dogfish showing during the day all along the beach. The Portland and Weymouth end of the beach is starting to see more Bream.

Portland: Great conditions for Pollock and Wrasse on worm or lure on the West Side. Stick with worm or Mackerel baits if you are brave enough to give the East side a go, you never know it might throw up the odd decent Bass.

Portland Harbour: When the surf picks up this afternoon it may well produce small Bass around Sandsfoot Castle on bait. I will be having a go later with a lure at a mark that I have caught at before if the water clarity is good.

Weymouth Bay: With the wind and surf building then Preston Beach will be a great spot for Bass. You might even get the odd Ray looking for some Sandeels that have been disturbed out of the surf. Ragworm, large Mackerel and squid baits and crab should all do well.

Boats: Not too many charter boats out today, but plenty of Bream locally and still Plaice and Turbot from the Shambles, though the numbers of Turbot have dwindled..

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