Well it looks like I have found some time to do an update. i am waiting in my hotel room in Vancouver for our runner to turn up with a fly rod and some waders for me so I can go and try for a Salmon that I am told are around at the moment. I wont be doing much filming today, just some introductory interviews before we start the filming properly tomorrow, then on to some serious fishing the day after. I have no idea where I am being taken as it is all part of the surprise for me, but all I can say is I am really looking forward to it. I am more likely to put up short posts about my filming trip on my facebook page. All you need to do is click on the facebook link on the top right hand corner and I will respond to your request as soon as I can. So once again I have no idea when the next website update will be but I have been keeping an eye on things from afar and talking to people on the beach, so I still have a good idea of what we should expect over the next day or so.

To be honest it doesn’t look like I am missing too much, even thought the tides have increased in size the main catches on the beach seem to be Dogfish. What is surprising is the amount of Smoothound that are still around, they are not large ones, but I love catching Smoothound.

Water Temperature: 11.8*c             Weymouth High Tide: 6.47pm, 2.39m

Wind: SE 15mph

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Medium chop with a small swell of around 1m. The water is slightly coloured but should clear by this afternoon.

Portland: Fairly calm with a small swell,  clear water.

Portland Harbour: Wavelets  and clear water.

Weymouth Bay: Calm with clear water.

Chesil Beach forecast: Who let the dogs out!! It really does feel like that from what I am hearing. The bait is not staying in the water long enough for anything else to get a look in. Avoid using fish and squid baits as they are amongst the Dogfish’s favourite baits. Lug worm is probably your best bet for Cod as Peeler Crab at a £1 a crab being snaffled by Dogfish is infuriating. Daylight fishing down the Western end of the beach is producing a few Rays and some nice large Plaice.

Portland: Wrasse should be back on the feed after yesterdays larger swell. The Pollock seem to be getting bigger every day as the water gets colder. Still very poor for the Bass.

Portland Harbour: This has picked up a bit with the larger tides. It does seem that it has brought in another influx of Bass. As usual my prefered method of catching the Bass around the harbour is on surface lures.

Weymouth Bay: Best chance of a fish will be from the Pier with Garfish, Pollock, Wrasse and Mackerel the main bulk of your catch. The clear water will make it much easier for some fun with the Squid. Both the Pleasure and the Stone Pier are good marks for Squid.

Boat & Kayak fishing: The charter fleet are still having great catches of Bass, Bream and Plaice from the Race and the Shambles. Smaller boats and Kayaks should take advantage of the Bass and Pollock from inside Portland Harbour. Recent catches have included Smoothound and Thornback Rays. Peeler Crab and Mackerel seem to be the top baits in the harbour at the moment.

Guiding: That’s it for now until after I come back from filming.  My next available date is from the 29th of November. I am taking bookings for both Bass and bait guiding sessions for December. If last year was anything to go by then the Bass  fishing should still be good up until early January. These can be tailored to your requirements including mixed days of bait and lure fishing. Drop me an email for more details sean@fishingtails.co.uk



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