If like us you are fed up with getting the rough end of the stick when it comes to fishing restrictions and bans, here is an opportunity to fight back and help show quite how important sea angling is to the UK.


Seaangling.org is has launched a project called Sea Angling 2017 which aims to collect catch and spend data from a 1000 sea anglers throughout 2017. If you are a regular or even occasional sea angler they need you to record your catches, releases and spending throughout the year to help get a better understanding of the current state of sea angling in the UK. Once compiled this data will be published and made freely available  to local and national  policy makers as well as the sea angling community.

Even if this was all they were doing we think this a project that all responsible sea anglers should be supporting but there is more!

Free Stuff – 

All anglers selected for the project will get access to a unique Online Catch Diary Tool to record fishing trips, catches, releases and spending. You will also receive a sea fish identification booklet and catch recording kit (including bespoke waterproof catch recording notebook and tape measure)


Still not convinced it’s worth your time and effort to take part in this important project? Shame on you, but perhaps this will tip the balance, as well as feeling good about your contribution to sea angling in the UK, all participants who take the initial survey are entered into a free draw with a chance to win  2x£50 tackle vouchers from Fishing Megastore. If you are selected to take part in the Diary project you will have further opportunities to win more vouchers throughout the year.

Give it a go we think it will help to collect some real data from real fishermen! .seaangling.org


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