If you come on the site looking for a fishing forecast for today, then have a look at yesterdays. Not a lot has changed, so expect pretty much the same for today. Tomorrow may be a bit different as the winds are due to go back to the SW. More about that tomorrow!

I am really excited by what has happened over the past few months. The website has gone from strength to strength, with a new look launched about 6 weeks ago. Since then we have continued to make changes to the site. Some changes have been so small you might not have even noticed them. My friend Adrian, who does a lot of the background work made a change two weeks ago and I missed it until yesterday. But then my excuse was I rarely look at the site. i just put the content on ūüôā

Other changes are more visible, such as the camera feeds for Chesil and Weymouth beach. I hope you like those, it gives you an idea of how conditions are in real time. Great for when I don’t get the chance to update the site.

I have a lot more changes and additions to do, and they will take time. ¬†I have invested ¬†thousands of pounds over the past few months on equipment and software to really push the site to the next level, where I want it to be one of the best non comercial fishing sites in the UK. Investments in cameras, Mac’s, software and sound equipment will hopefully pay off as I start to produce better and much more exciting content.

So what are the changes going to be? Firstly take a look at this promo video. I know it is cheesy and very tongue in cheek, but it is just a snippet of what to expect in the next few months.

I will be creating a lot more videos. Some of them wil be full length fishing videos, covering everything from lure and fly fishing to a summer day session on Chesil Beach. I have a lot of tutorials lined up as well. I will wherever possible stick with the format of producing articles with a step by step guide and pictures, complete with a video. Let me know what you want to see, no matter how basic. Following on with the video theme, I will be starting a once a month video and audio podcast. This is likely to be a round up of what has happened in the previous month and what to expect in the following month. I will have some extra features on there, with the possibility of doing tackle reviews or a tip of the month. Once again tell me what you want to see, and if the interest is there I will make the Podcast more frequent.

Some really exciting news is that I am teaming up with OnlineFishing.TV to provide you with Sea Watch. More details to follow in the next week.

Once a week, as from next week I will be doing a more detailed boat report from around Dorset. Any skippers that want to have their boat featured then please feel free to contact me with details and I will include you.

I mentioned a couple of months back that I wold be doing features on Angling clubs around the South West. So I am going to kick it off with a bit of information about Dorchester Sea Angling Club. Any other club chairmen or secretaries that want their club featured, then once again contact me.

Dorchester Sea Angling Club has been fishing the Chesil coastline and beaches beyond since 1975.

Their primary goal is to provide monthly fishing events with various prizes awarded at each event whilst running a league alongside this for the members who aim to fish regularly. Guests are welcome to fish any of the venues with the club and any new members will receive a warm reception. We all want to see good fish caught so local and seasonal tips are shared freely at the venues to maximise success.  Trophies are awarded annually to the club members for their achievements.

They have a fresh committee at the helm who are now pulling the club into the 21st century by promoting the club online and through the local tackle shops. DSAC has a new website at http://dsac.userboards.net detailing their club info and matches. This is a good place to catch up with other members of the club too. Additionally a Facebook page exists sharing photos of matches and providing live updates to fish caught at their events and matches. You can be at one end of the beach sat in your shelter sharing your catch with your fellow club members doing the same at the other end of the beach! This also supports the witnessing and weighing for catch-and-release which is increasingly important and DSAC recognise this.

Whilst based in Dorchester, current members travel as far as Poole and Seaton to regularly fish and be involved with the club. Juniors are also catered for and encouraged to fish at the matches as well.

Any questions, contact Paul on 07888 766366.

DSAC Forum Website : http://dsac.userboards.net

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/dorchesterseafishingclub

River Cottage Shoreline Fishing course: As some of you already know I am working with River Cottage to provide the Shoreline Fishing courses. These courses are fantastic, giving you both a chance to do some fishing and then experience the delights of River Cottage in the afternoon. For full details of the course then have a look on this link Shoreline Fishing As a celebration to launch the new changes on the website, River Cottage have offered a 20% discount for the courses being run next week and in June. If you decide to go for it then when you get to checkout use the following code for your discount FISHTAILS20

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