Sean is running his River Cottage course today  so no Monday report, which gives me time to give you an update on new developments on the site. You may have noticed google maps popping up all over the place, we had them in Beta for a while and they are now going live on posts where a location is relevant i.e marks, catch reports etc.


Geo-located articles

Before you get too excited the pins are most definitely not in the exact place a fish was caught or exactly where you should stand at a mark to maximise your catching chances.  They are intended to give the site a geographical way of being searched which is especially important now and in the future as we are covering more areas in the UK. They also give you an easy way to see where the article is talking about, and how to get there. The maps pop up automatically when a post or posts you are looking at has been geotagged.

To see what I mean goto the All articles link in the menu and see the posts we have already tagged.


The Wall of Articles

We have also added a new option under All articles which shows every article on the site in picture form! It’s a quick way to browse the site for anything you may have missed in the past!  Go here for The Wall of Articles .

As always we are interested in your feedback on the direction the site is taking so please leave a comment below.