Sorry no post from Sean today due to personal reasons, so instead I get to talk about some new and some not so new  additions to the site that may have passed you by.

First you may have noticed we have a new search option which replaces our old one which was pretty difficult to use, especially now as we have so many post to search! The new search updates live as you type so you can see immediately which articles match your search criteria. It also highlights the relevant text that matches your search criteria. Here are some example searches including how to do date searches.

You can find Search on the right hand column on every page






Next I’m sure you must have noticed the live video links that have been on the home page for a week or so. I know Sean is very keen to get broadcasting live and as soon as he is back in action you can expect live video from Chesil Beach.

Lastly an old one but a good one – MLS or minimum landing sizes.

We never really posted about this resource after we did our MLS survey last year,  so here is a link to our minimum landing size resource page, you can also find it in the tips section on the menu.