Pulley rigs are one of my go to rigs for fishing at distance. You can either use them with a single hook or add an additional hook to make it a Pulley Pennel Rig. The second hook helps to present a larger or longer bait at range, It can also help to increase the number of hook ups. I have found a larger percentage of the fish I land are hooked on the upper hook.

The Pennel Rig is one of the simplest to make and can easily be made on the beach if needed. The beauty of this rig is you can make it as long or as short as you want. I would recommend trying different hook lengths on two different rods if you can. When you find the one that works best on the day, then switch to that length on both rods.

Pulley Pennel rigs are excellent for targeting Cod, Bass, Smoothound and Rays where a big bait will always out fish a smaller one. I often use the rig for fishing for Plaice of Chesil, but I normally take the pennel hook off and use a single size  1 or 1/0 Aberdeen hook baited with Ragworm, Peeler Crab or Mussels.

Check out our video on how to tie the rig

This short video shows how to rig a double Sandeel on a Pulley Pennel Rig

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