Small tides, calmer conditions and clearer water will call for different tactics today. It is also likely that the Cod will not make an appearance today. However having seen the amount of bait fish that was around yesterday I would expect to see quite a few Bass that should be fairly easy to tempt to take a lure. Now the sea temperature is starting to drop I use my larger lures. At the moment the fish seem to prefer to take surface lures fished hard to create a surface disturbance.

I will be back on the lures today after a mixed day of lure and bait fishing yesterday. It started of fairly well with the lures with a nice fish lost then on to the bait and three different species of fish in three casts. Then just as if someone had flicked a switch they went off the feed and didn’t really come back on until dusk. Hopefully things will be better today as I have a camera crew with me later to do some pre-filming before I set of abroad next week for the main filming.

Water Temperature: 12.2*c             Weymouth High Tide: 11.13pm, 1.5m

Wind: NW 17mph

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Calm with a small swell of around 1/2m. The water has a milky green tinge to it.

Portland: Calm with a small swell and almost clear water.

Portland Harbour: Wavelets and clear water.

Weymouth Bay: Small waves with a little bit of colour in the water.

Chesil Beach forecast: With small tides today it will be back to targeting what is left of the summer species and the whiting, rather than trying to find an elusive Cod. The Cod prefer larger tides and dirty water during the day. At night I would expect to be plagued with small Poor Cod, Pout, Whiting and Dogfish so that even if there is a Cod around it is unlikely to find a bait before it is ripped of by the smaller fish. With the water now almost clear again there will be the chance to catch mackerel and Garfish. As I mentioned the other day November is one of the best months for Pollock on Chesil with the chance of a double figure on the cards. We did have some Pollock from the beach yesterday, but not any large ones.

Portland: I am hoping that the Wrasse, Bass and Pollock are all going to be hungry today and take my lures. The Wrasse will move back in after being battered for a few days. They will happily take soft lures such as Slug-go’s and Hawgs. The best colours at the moment are Pumpkin seed and blue.

Portland Harbour: Smaller tides generally mean poorer fishing in the harbour, but it is likely that a few fish will be around at Ferrybridge and Sandsfoot Castle. Main target species will be Flounder with the odd large one a possibility.

Weymouth Bay: Best chance of a fish will be from the Pier with Garfish, Pollock, Wrasse and Mackerel the main bulk of your catch. The clear water will make it much easier for some fun with the Squid. Both the Pleasure and the Stone Pier are good marks for Squid.

Guiding: I have one day available this week on Wednesday, before I go off filming for two weeks. My next available date after that for this month is from the 27th of November. I am taking bookings for both Bass and bait guiding sessions for December. If last year was anything to go by then the Bass fishing should still be good up until early January. These can be tailored to your requirements including mixed days of bait and lure fishing. Drop me an email for more details




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