It would be fantastic if this weekend is as good as last weekend on Chesil. It is showing some good promise that it may well be. It is rough at the moment, but the winds are supposed to drop, which should allow the sea to settle a bit but still be pretty stirred up. I would think that we will see Cod coming all along the beach again. Be careful out there. Make sure you set up well away from the waters edge and never turn your back on those waves, as the Channel Buoy is showing that there have been some big periodic waves over the past 6 hours.

Water Temperature: 14.9*c             Weymouth High Tide: 4.59pm, 1.93m

Wind: NW 23mph dropping to 17mph switching to SW

Sea Conditions:

Chesil Beach: Rough with  2m waves, sometimes exceeding 3m, the water is coloured

Portland: Rough on the West side and around the Bill. Eest side is a bit calmer with a 1.5m swell. The water is fairly coloured

Portland Harbour: Wavlets with clear water, except at Ferrybridge.

Weymouth Bay: Calm but the water is pretty coloured.

Chesil Beach forecast: It is going to be tough going this morning until the wind drops a bit more and the sea settles down a bit. Once it has then it should fish well for Cod, Whiting, Pout and Dogfish. If you are going to target the Cod then a Pulley rig or a Pulley Pennel if you are going to use large baits. Peeler Crab, fresh Black and Blow Lug are the best baits. Add a whole Calamari Squid to make a cocktail. Depending on the tidal flow at the time, you will need either a 5 or 6oz grip lead. It is not worth feathering for Mackerel, but if you wanted a bit of sport then there are still a lot of Garfish in close.

Portland: Pollock and Bull Huss are your main options today. The Wrasse will be out of casting range. There is always the chance of a Bass on a large fish bait, but expect high tackle losses.

Portland Harbour: This could be a very good option today if you want to get away from the crowds that will fill up Chesil Beach this weekend. I would expect to see Bass and Flounder from Hamm Beach to Castle Cove Sailing Club. Lures will be the best method for the Bass and Small Ragworm for the Flounder. It is amazing the number of people that head to Poole for winter Flounder fishing, when we have some really good Flounder fishing on our doorstep.

Weymouth Bay: Talking of good Flounder fishing, there is plenty of good fishing around Weymouth Harbour and Preston Beach. The variety of species that can be caught from both piers is amazing. Keep it small and simple for best results. Small Ragworm baits and small hooks on a simple ledger set up will keep you guessing what species you will hook next.

Boat & Kayak fishing: Most of the Charter fleet will be staying at home today. The only place I would recommend going in a small boat is in Portland Harbour. It will offer you some shelter and give you a good variety of species. There are plenty of Pollock on the wrecks around the harbour.

Guiding:  I have a couple of more sessions available in October mainly for Bass fishing but I might be persuaded to do a bait session for Cod or a late Plaice. As I mentioned earlier there will be a very few Cod or bait fishing days in October and will be based around what I believe are the best tides. I am taking bookings for both Bass and bait guiding sessions for November. Don’t miss out on the best months fishing. These can be tailored to your requirements including mixed days of bait and lure fishing. Drop me an email for more details



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