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Chesil Beach Live


6 Responses to "Chesil Beach Live"
  1. tony says:

    That is a very handy looking little toy, I thought it was just wind until I had a nose at the options box and founfd gust. wave data and allsorts.

    if you left then right click you can pick a point to get a very local reading from anywhere you want.

    Thanks for putting that up Sean.

  2. roger says:

    A very useful gadget, ideal info

  3. Mike says:

    Thankyou planning a trip tomoz guys any info would be appreciated

  4. Barrie Gibson says:

    Hi, this map looks very interesting, have been looking for something similar for ages. Forgive my ignorance but i take it the figures dotted over the map are showing water depths? I have done some boat fishing out of West Bay and am planning a trip on Sunday, i have seen mention of high ground, the ram and various wrecks out of West bay but never seem to be able to find coordinates for them or distances from shore. So far mys fishing has been a bit hit and miss with regard to finding interesting rough marks to fish over and i am probably being cheeky but could you provide any more detail as to coordinates and distances from shore for some of the marks out of west bay that might be worth a try. I only have a small boat and dont ever go silly distances from shore but some of the detail on the map looks very interesting and within easy reach for my boat. If you could give any more detail that would be great.

    Kind regards


  5. sam sheppard says:

    This map looks very good, does anyone have a Key for it?

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