I had no plans of doing a catch report until Monday, however the amount of fish coming in from all over makes a good post.

Boat fishing this past week has been incredible. Pollock are coming from both inshore and offshore marks in plentiful numbers. Another massive 30lb Turbot was caught on Friday from the Shambles and one of the biggest lure caught Wrasse ever, was landed on Tiger Lily this week, by Les Hannington.

The Wrasse took a Savage Gear Sandeel destined for a Pollock. Well done Les.

Shore fishing has been just as good with loads of Plaice, dabs and Smoothound coming from the west end of Chesil. Further towards Weymouth and Portland, they have been getting plenty of Smoothound and Pollock.


Get out there, get fishing and get catching. Send me your catch reports to sean@fishingtails.co.uk and I will add them to the blog. I will be starting a fish of the month competition soon with a prize for the winner. I just need to find a sponsor first.

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