Well the weather has finally broke and the wind has switched to the SW making a lot of the marks such as Chesil un-fishable for most anglers. Having said that there is one species that is well worth targeting and the conditions are almost perfect for them, and that is Bass.

Hit them with lures in the surf. I know it looks mad, but if the fish are there, and this early in the season, it might be a big if, you can have a great session. Best lures to use are Savage Gear Sandeels or a MeggaBass Zonk 120. You will not be able to cast them out far but you wont need to. Just get them behind the surf and retrieve slowly.

For those that like to sit in your beach buddy you could put out a large Mackerel or Squid bait no more than 15yds out and wait for the odd Bass that might show some interest, but I guarantee lures will out fish a big bait 10 to 1.

Other shore venues that will be fishable today are Portland Harbour. Try Hamm Beach near the sailing academy, or behind Ferrybridge for School Bass and Flounder.

Weymouth Stone Pier will offer a fair bit of shelter and you will be able to pick up some Wrasse and Pollock all along the length of it.

Kimmeridge Bay or Windspitt will provide a number of sheltered areas that could easily produce a nice Bass.

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