A very different day from the past two days of strong winds. I have just been around my normal spots and I am surprised to see how much Chesil Beach has settled down. Β There is very little swell that you would expect after the sea conditions we had yesterday. The colour has dropped out very quickly leaving it a milky colour. The colour extends all the way round Portland and into Weymouth bay. It is too coloured to lure fish at the moment with the exception of Castle Cove and Sandsfoot. Mackerel fishing will be very poor because of the lack of visibility. I cant see it improving for tomorrow either.

Take a quick look at this video if you want to see what it is like at the moment

Wind forecast SW 10mph dropping to 5mph later this evening. Weymouth high water 10.44am 1.6m high.

Beach Forecast: looking good all along Chesil at the. Moment. We should see Bass coming from most marks if fished close in with large Mackerel or Squid baits or Peeler Crab. Night tides will give Dogfish, Pout and the odd Ray. Abbotsbury and West Bexington should produce some good bags of Plaice on these mid sized tides, make sure you put plenty of beads and bling on to help with the visual attraction.

Rock Marks: daylight fishing is likely to be poor because of the water colour, but night fishing could be almost perfect for big Bull Huss from marks along the West side. Big mackerel baits work best.

A couple of people have emailed me to complain about the spelling on my posts, to them I say you try driving around all the marks and then putting the post up with an iPhone. My thoughts are that people would rather have the most up to date info rather than something that is correctly spelt and punctuated but posted 4 hours later. I am more than happy if anyone wants to sponsor me by buying me an iPad so I can make it better πŸ˜‰

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