If you are thinking about fishing Chesil today then all I can say is good luck!


Wind forecast:  SW 35mph. Current wind: SW 25mph

Sea conditions: Water is very coloured with a lot of swell and rough water on the beach. Rock marks on Portland and Kimmeridge Bay have a lot of weed on them. Water temperature  9.8*c. Weymouth HW 6.14 pm  1.9m high

Shore fish forecast:Chesil is just fishable with great care. You might pick up a Bass in the surf with a large mackerel or Squid bait.  I would not fish it.

Portland: West side is not fishable. Higher ledges on the west side of the Bill might produce a Bass to a plug. Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay are a good option for some Dabs and Flounder. You might even get lucky and catch a Plaice or two from Weymouth. Stone Pier will give a good variety of fish and will not be so effected by the weather.

Windspit may be a good choice over the next couple of days, as it has a good reputation for fishing during a big South Westerly. Mackerel, Squid and Sandeel are great baits at that mark.

Boats: They are all staying at home today.

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