Cod ben

Will it be a Cod fest?

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Lots of Cod have been caught from Chesil this week, and I am sure that many of you have planned to come down and have a go for them over the weekend. The question is will it be worth it? I have fished all week and everyday has seen different conditions. I headed to Cogden […]

Red Mullet and Plaice

Can a tide be too big?

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Are spring tides the best tides to fish? We are just coming off the back of a set of very big spring tides ,that have left me wondering if such big tides are that good for fishing. Don’t get me wrong, I have had a good week guiding and fishing and I have had a […]


Squid fishing from Bournemouth Pier

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I was recently invited out on a squid fishing trip by an old fishingtails pal Marlon and having never really specifically fished for squid before I thought it would be fun to try for a new species. I had heard that some good catches had been made in the last week with ten or fifteen squid […]

squid bait

Mail order bait

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Times have changed and whether we like it or not, technology has vast become a huge part of our everyday lives. Internet shopping has become hugely popular within the UK with mounting pressure from work and bills, we as a nation struggle to find the time to spend, not only with our family and friends […]

Ade sunset

West is best

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Easterly winds, and clear water meant that the fishing on the Portland end of Chesil was a bit patchy to say the least, but the same conditions made it perfect for fishing Cogden. Lots of reports of Plaice from the Western end of Chesil. Cogden does seem to be holding a lot of Plaice this […]


Autumn fishing

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Like it or not, but Autumn has arrived. The nights are drawing in and the temperature is getting colder, but don’t let that get you down, Now is the best time of the year for sea fishing and this weekend promises to be a good one. The Bream fishing on Chesil is at it’s best […]

Plaice nice

Chesil is the Plaice

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Never mind the Cod, the Plaice fishing on Chesil has been really good recently. Pretty much as predicted, the Cod fishing was a lot slower than it had been just after the rough weather during the early part of last week. The water cleared pretty quickly and stayed clear, despite a fair sized swell on […]

Cod more

Cod fever

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Chesil Beach catch reports have been amazing this week, with loads of Cod caught all along Chesil and many other beaches along the south coast. I am sure many of you have been chomping at the bit to get down here this week in search of the Cod. Well I hate to be the bearer […]


Sole Man

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Sometimes I get this feeling It’s kind of hard to try and explain but it’s like this! You decide on a venue to fish. You consult the tide book for the optimum time to fish. You acquire the bait you need for your session. Everything is in place then right at the last minute, a […]

Cod lots Raybould

Live update from Chesil Beach.

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I promised you earlier in the week, I would update the site as things changed, and windows of opportunity arose. Well you don’t get much more up to date than a report that I am writing from the beach right now. Conditions were perfect yesterday, and we will talk about them in a moment, but […]

Cod Gary Mitchel

This is going to be a good week

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Whats the best conditions for Cod and Bass fishing? The conditions that we will experience over the next few days are almost perfect. We have decent sized tides, that are not too big, and weather that will be blowing hard one day, then backing off to leave windows of opportunity. It is those breaks in […]


Hidden Plaice

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As our own Sean McSeveny has pointed out in recent articles there seems to be a distinct lack of fish in some areas around the south coast. I myself spent 10 hours at Chesil beach with only one modest black bream on worm to show for my efforts. The makrel on the other hand were around […]

Rocket charter boat

Boat Fishing out of Poole on Rocket

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Going to kick off the 2015 boat fishing series of articles with one about the Rocket out of Poole which in fact was my last trip of 2014. The Rocket charter and dive boat is big ! plenty of fishing space as you can fish all round the wheelhouse and inside it’s comfortable with all […]


What has happened to the fishing??

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September and October are normally the best months for fishing in Dorset, but right now the fishing on Chesil is very poor. Even some of the best anglers are struggling to find any fish. I fished West Bexington yesterday, with some really good bait and didn’t have a single fish. The only thing I  witnessed […]


The high’s and low’s of Fishing

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What an eventful week. I kicked it off on Monday with a great short guiding session with Adrian Horne, who was after Bass. We certainly found the Bass, and he looks happy with this lovely in the picture below. It fell to a Gunfish surface lure and was one of several Bass, all around the […]


British Record Stingray caught and released on Chesil

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One of the biggest ever shore caught fish to be caught in England, was landed last night by Guy Spriggs from Chesil Beach. Guy who lives in Barnstable, Devon fished the Portland end of Chesil beach in search of Ray. He certainly found a Ray; weighing 78.6lb, this smashes the current record of 67lb 12oz.   […]


Boat Fishing With Allan Yates

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First post and a chance to introduce myself, I’ve been fishing since I was four years old with my father, who was both freshwater and an avid sea angler and I followed in his footsteps learning all the time and still am. I specialise in boat fishing, mainly wrecking and fishing on the drift with […]

Bass on a Gunfish

The best week of fishing this year

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When is the best time to fish Chesil Beach? Right now! is the answer. I can’t remember ever seeing so many anglers on Chesil as there was on Friday and saturday. From Chesil Cove to as far as I could see, there were anglers all along the beach. Is this the start of the Cod season? […]

cod double

Cod and Bass, just as predicted!

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I predicted that we would see plenty of Cod and Bass on Thursday, when the sea settled after the blow on Tuesday and Wednesday. It seems on this occasion I got it spot on. I gave my friend Gavin a tip off as to where I thought he would manage some Cod from the Western […]

Cuckoo Ray

Brilliant boat fishing

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It has been a while since I have done a boat report, but as the boat fishing has been even better than the shore fishing at the moment, I thought it was time to do a catch report. Trad Casey has been showing once again that you don’t need a fast boat, or have to […]

Grey Triggerfish

Fishing at its best

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We have now moved into the best fishing time of the year on the South coast. Fishing has been very good over the past few days, not just on Chesil, but a lot of other marks as well. At this time of year there is so much good fishing, I always have a problem deciding […]

Red Mullet2

Stone Bass

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I love to see unusual and exotic species turning up around the shores of the UK. This week I had a message from Stuart McNab, who runs the charter boat Dev Ocean out of Milford Haven. He sent me a picture of a 12 1/2lb Stone Bass that was caught on his boat. Stone Bass […]


Carp fishing in France

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Last month I had the pleasure of joining several of my friends including my Dad on a carp fishing trip to Calvados in lower Normandy, France. We went to a lake called La Carrier which is renowned for its quantity as well as quality of Carp. The weather forecast for the week was fairly good, […]

Plaice lots of

Summer Fishing around Poole at its best

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Although maybe the weather doesn’t reflect it. The fishing around the Poole areas is on fire at the moment. Me and my mate Martin have chosen to keep fishing the Southbourne beaches. Over the weekend we landed Sole, Red Mullet, Gurnard, Bream, Plaice as well as the usual Bass,  Smoothhound and Pout. Whilst none of […]


Plenty of Plaice

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Reports coming in from the weekend suggest that there was a lot of Plaice caught all along the beach. Unfortunately for most, they were at long range. The Mackerel however were not, as at times they were almost on the beach, as they chased shoals of White Bait onto the beach. I have heard from […]

Chesil view

Looking good for the weekend

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Does Chesil Beach fish in a NW wind? Is the Mackerel season over? Where can I catch Undulate Rays on Chesil? These are just some of the questions I have been asked this week. I get sent hundreds of emails everyday asking various questions, unfortunately I do not have enough hours in the day to […]

Gurnard red

Gurnard galore

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Gurnard really are quite an easy fish to catch. At the moment it seems that there are loads of them all around this area. They have become one of my favourite fish to eat, so I am pleased to see so many of them. Tactics are simple; a two hook flapper rig baited with small […]


Sole fishing at Southbourne

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Sean is at River Cottage today so the catch report will be delayed until Tuesday. Here is Leo’s catch report on a couple of successful trips last week. – Ade.   Thursday night saw me down at the Bistro on the Beach at Southbourne, still trying to crack that elusive first sole of the year. […]

This could be the best fishing weekend of the summer!

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Cod, Cod and more Cod. No this is not a cut and paste report from last winter! I have been gathering in the reports over the past two days and the Cod, along with the Rays have been featuring heavily. The stiff South Westerly winds have been churning up the shore on Chesil, creating a […]


Plenty of species in the Poole area

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Being so lucky to live so close to the coast. I can keep a close eye on the weather and tides and move on the breaks in the weather. Acting on another night of calm weather forecast and a high tide of around 10pm.  I hit Southbourne beach hoping to bag a sole again, as there […]


Mackerel Mayhem

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At last the Mackerel have finally turned up in numbers. Having seen numerous reports from friends, it looks like the Mackerel have finally made an appearance. The Mackerel turned up fairly early this year, with the first regular catches coming towards the end of March, then it all went very quiet for ages. Now they […]

Undualte Paul

Fantastic Ray fishing on Chesil Beach

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I thought that there would be some great fish caught this week, after the rough conditions on Sunday and Monday. What I wasn’t expecting was the number of good Rays that turned up. Most of them were Undulates but a number of Spotted Ray were also landed. My friend Paul Black called me late on […]

Marsden bay sunset.

Cod On The Rock’s

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Summer Cod fishing can be very rewarding, yet many anglers will decide to put away their cod fishing tackle during the summer, and in my opinion could be missing out on some very good cod fishing. I was recently invited along by a good friend of mine while he was targeting Cod from the cliff […]

rough chesil

Tough fishing as predicted

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The wind certainly played its part over the weekend, but it didn’t stop you hardy anglers getting out there and catching some nice fish. Peter Cope emailed me yesterday, to let me know he had just returned from a weeks holiday in weymouth with his family. Their holiday home backed onto Newtons Cove. Every night when […]

Still Fishable but coloured

Wind from everywhere

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I have been studying the wind forecast, and noticed that it looks like it will be blowing from almost every direction, during the next few days. This makes choosing a location a bit more difficult. Today (Friday), we have winds coming out of the East. This means that Chesil will remain fairly calm, and with […]

Plaice SS pier 1

Plaice Fishing on South Shields Pier

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For me when it comes to fishing there is no better way then tying a specific rig and catching your target species. Today we will look at Plaice fishing on South Shields Pier situated in Tyne and Wear.     Walking along South Shields Pier you will notice painted number sections on the floor on […]

Bass Portland

Summer beach fishing

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I am happy to say that the summer fish have well and truly arrived. With the return of the Mackerel, a lot of other species have turned up in numbers as well. I heard reports of a 15lb Thornback Ray being landed to the West of Bridging Camp. There are so many small Smoothound around […]

Bass Gavin

Big Bass and lots of mackerel

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I don’t know what is more exciting, the news that the Mackerel have returned in good numbers, or that two of my mates managed to catch double figure Bass from the shore this week. You might think that statement is mad, but the fact that the Mackerel have returned means that all the fishing should […]

Smoothounds all around

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The Smoothound fishing on Chesil has been slow to start this year, but at last they have arrived in numbers. Unlike many of the popular marks that produce Smoothound on the South coast, Chesil fishes well even when it is rough. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the well known marks […]


Things seem to be returning to normal

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After a quiet couple of weeks, I am happy to report that the fishing seems to be picking up again. I got a message from Bradley Price, saying that his favourite mark at Abbotsbury has been producing some good fish for him. He managed to land two lovely Undulates on Pout fillet at distance. He […]

Leo Blonde Ray

Fishing at Southborne

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Southbourne is one of those fishing marks that we rarely hear about. Hopefully this article will shed a bit of light on this great mark. On a rare occasion midway through the week the sun came out and the wind dropped away to a whisper. With the calm warm summer evening the conditions screamed sole. I […]

Where are the Mackerel?

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There seems to more Bass on Chesil than Mackerel at the moment. I know it is a similar story along the South Coast and I would love to know why. Don’t get me wrong, there are Mackerel being caught, but certainly not in the numbers we normally expect. Reports from further North suggest that the […]


The Wall of Articles

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Sean is running his River Cottage course today  so no Monday report, which gives me time to give you an update on new developments on the site. You may have noticed google maps popping up all over the place, we had them in Beta for a while and they are now going live on posts where a […]


At last, a 42cm Minimum landing size for Bass

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At long last the powers that be in Europe have seen fit to agree to increase the Minimum Landing Size(MLS) for Bass to 42cm. The current size limit for most of the UK has been 36cm. At 36cm Bass are still too immature to spawn, so they never even have a chance to increase the […]


Fishing Skegness for Smoothound

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When the opportunity arises to go fishing for Smoothounds and the conditions are perfect, I get a great sense of excitement knowing it’s going to be a great day. Originally our group consisting of myself, Arran and Michael had  arranged to hit the golden sands of Skegness on the Sunday but a keen eye was kept […]

Lamprey mouth

My scariest catch!

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I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend David, for a days Salmon fishing on the river Frome near Woole. I have fished this stretch with David in the past, with mixed results. I have never managed to catch a Salmon there, but I have caught just about everything else including Pike and […]

Cod Kevin

Water temperature increase, helps improve the fishing

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Water temperature is directly linked to fish behaviour and movement patterns. Using a satellite feed that I am subscribed to, I have been tracking a large area of warm water that has built up in the Bay of Biscay. Over the past 10 days a narrow band of this warm water has seeped up the […]

Stunning coloured Cuckoo Wrasse

The hidden depths

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Boat Report Boat fishing catch reports for Weymouth and the other parts of the South coast, have always been a bit patchy on the site. Don’t get me wrong I love doing them, but at the moment I am really struggling to find the time to do them. I have only really included this one […]