Undualte Paul

Fantastic Ray fishing on Chesil Beach

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I thought that there would be some great fish caught this week, after the rough conditions on Sunday and Monday. What I wasn’t expecting was the number of good Rays that turned up. Most of them were Undulates but a number of Spotted Ray were also landed. My friend Paul Black called me late on […]

Marsden bay sunset.

Cod On The Rock’s

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Summer Cod fishing can be very rewarding, yet many anglers will decide to put away their cod fishing tackle during the summer, and in my opinion could be missing out on some very good cod fishing. I was recently invited along by a good friend of mine while he was targeting Cod from the cliff […]

rough chesil

Tough fishing as predicted

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The wind certainly played its part over the weekend, but it didn’t stop you hardy anglers getting out there and catching some nice fish. Peter Cope emailed me yesterday, to let me know he had just returned from a weeks holiday in weymouth with his family. Their holiday home backed onto Newtons Cove. Every night when […]

Still Fishable but coloured

Wind from everywhere

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I have been studying the wind forecast, and noticed that it looks like it will be blowing from almost every direction, during the next few days. This makes choosing a location a bit more difficult. Today (Friday), we have winds coming out of the East. This means that Chesil will remain fairly calm, and with […]

Plaice SS pier 1

Plaice Fishing on South Shields Pier

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For me when it comes to fishing there is no better way then tying a specific rig and catching your target species. Today we will look at Plaice fishing on South Shields Pier situated in Tyne and Wear.     Walking along South Shields Pier you will notice painted number sections on the floor on […]

Bass Portland

Summer beach fishing

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I am happy to say that the summer fish have well and truly arrived. With the return of the Mackerel, a lot of other species have turned up in numbers as well. I heard reports of a 15lb Thornback Ray being landed to the West of Bridging Camp. There are so many small Smoothound around […]

Bass Gavin

Big Bass and lots of mackerel

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I don’t know what is more exciting, the news that the Mackerel have returned in good numbers, or that two of my mates managed to catch double figure Bass from the shore this week. You might think that statement is mad, but the fact that the Mackerel have returned means that all the fishing should […]

Smoothounds all around

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The Smoothound fishing on Chesil has been slow to start this year, but at last they have arrived in numbers. Unlike many of the popular marks that produce Smoothound on the South coast, Chesil fishes well even when it is rough. This is mainly due to the fact that most of the well known marks […]


Things seem to be returning to normal

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After a quiet couple of weeks, I am happy to report that the fishing seems to be picking up again. I got a message from Bradley Price, saying that his favourite mark at Abbotsbury has been producing some good fish for him. He managed to land two lovely Undulates on Pout fillet at distance. He […]

Leo Blonde Ray

Fishing at Southborne

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Southbourne is one of those fishing marks that we rarely hear about. Hopefully this article will shed a bit of light on this great mark. On a rare occasion midway through the week the sun came out and the wind dropped away to a whisper. With the calm warm summer evening the conditions screamed sole. I […]

Where are the Mackerel?

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There seems to more Bass on Chesil than Mackerel at the moment. I know it is a similar story along the South Coast and I would love to know why. Don’t get me wrong, there are Mackerel being caught, but certainly not in the numbers we normally expect. Reports from further North suggest that the […]


The Wall of Articles

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Sean is running his River Cottage course today  so no Monday report, which gives me time to give you an update on new developments on the site. You may have noticed google maps popping up all over the place, we had them in Beta for a while and they are now going live on posts where a […]


At last, a 42cm Minimum landing size for Bass

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At long last the powers that be in Europe have seen fit to agree to increase the Minimum Landing Size(MLS) for Bass to 42cm. The current size limit for most of the UK has been 36cm. At 36cm Bass are still too immature to spawn, so they never even have a chance to increase the […]


Fishing Skegness for Smoothound

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When the opportunity arises to go fishing for Smoothounds and the conditions are perfect, I get a great sense of excitement knowing it’s going to be a great day. Originally our group consisting of myself, Arran and Michael had  arranged to hit the golden sands of Skegness on the Sunday but a keen eye was kept […]

Lamprey mouth

My scariest catch!

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I was lucky enough to be invited by my friend David, for a days Salmon fishing on the river Frome near Woole. I have fished this stretch with David in the past, with mixed results. I have never managed to catch a Salmon there, but I have caught just about everything else including Pike and […]

Cod Kevin

Water temperature increase, helps improve the fishing

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Water temperature is directly linked to fish behaviour and movement patterns. Using a satellite feed that I am subscribed to, I have been tracking a large area of warm water that has built up in the Bay of Biscay. Over the past 10 days a narrow band of this warm water has seeped up the […]

Stunning coloured Cuckoo Wrasse

The hidden depths

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Boat Report Boat fishing catch reports for Weymouth and the other parts of the South coast, have always been a bit patchy on the site. Don’t get me wrong I love doing them, but at the moment I am really struggling to find the time to do them. I have only really included this one […]

Art 1

Lure Fishing in the footsteps of Poldark

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Lure fishing in Cornwall, may not be the first thing that springs to the mind of many people thinking of visiting Cornwall this year. especially after watching the BBC’s recent drama Poldark.  In this article, I hope to let you in on a few of the marks that are real gems, for lure fishing fanatics […]

Roker Pier

Mackerel fishing on Roker Pier, Sunderland

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Roker Pier is situated on the coast of the beautiful city of Sunderland and is a brilliant venue which can offer outstanding fishing for anglers throughout the year.  At the beginning of the year rumors started among anglers that the pier would be closed to carry out construction work in the summer of 2015. Thankfully the […]

Bass Jhn

Fishing frenzy

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It has been another fantastic weekend of fishing all along the coast; For me it has been especially good on the lures. I am now moving into my third week of non stop fishing, and I still can’t get enough of it. When I have not been guiding, I have been doing lots of short […]

Plaice Gavin

Early summer fishing at its best

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That Friday Fealing I don’t know where to start with todays report. Some Friday’s I sit scratching my head, wondering what I can write about; I have no such problem today. Having fished or guided almost every day for the past 10 days, I feel very much in touch with what is happening locally. It […]


How and where to catch Smoothound

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Smoothound’s are a shallow water species and so being either on the South Coast or the West of the UK, having lots of shallow coastlines, we are lucky enough to be in the most common areas where they are caught. However with more and more anglers catching and releasing these shark like fish, their range […]

smoothy leo

Solent Smoothounds

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After reading lots of good smoothhound were being caught up the Solent I decided  to try and get a piece of the action! My mate Martin tagged along and we decided on fishing  “parkshore” a venue well known for producing good hounds this time of year. Never having fished that far East before we used the satnav […]


Always expect the unexpected

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We were expecting Smoothound and ended up with Plaice and Gurnard! I spent the weekend fishing with a great bunch of guys from the North East over the weekend. They had traveled down to fish Chesil, hoping for a Smoothound or two, and maybe an early Bream. Saturday’s fishing was quite tough, with a stiff […]

Cod & Plaice

Summer Cod

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Chesil Beach is not a well known summer Cod mark, and to be honest I don’t think it ever will be. However reports from along the beach this week are suggesting that more than a few Cod have been caught. I even heard from a reliable source that one weighing 9lb was caught at West […]


How and where to dig Lugworm

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Lugworm, in my opinion, is one of the most under-rated baits there is. When you think about what we all think fish prefer to eat, we think of blood, guts, smell etc and Lugworm is one of the best baits which fit all of these criteria. Couple that with the fact that Lugworm is one […]


Sole fishing on the Thames

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Many anglers living outside of the South East of  England rarely think about the Thames holding  saltwater species. In this, the first  of my articles exploring this area, I will be looking at just how good the fishing can be several miles upstream from the mouth of the river that runs through the capital of […]


Summer Fishing

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At last the summer species are here. There is nothing like fishing on a warm sunny day and catching lots of different species. That sums up summer for me. I love it when most of the summer species arrive, because you have no idea what the next fish is that you are going to catch. […]

double COd

Good tides, good fish!

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We are just coming off the back of a set of reasonable spring tides, the weather should be good for the weekend and hopefully the water will have cleared by the end of today. This should give us some good conditions that should see some good fishing. I expect to see a number of Ray […]

lure reservoir

A story of two tails

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Lure fishing for Pike and Bass over the past four days has left me exhausted. Hence the reason why the normal weekend report has been so delayed. Normally Adrian would have filled in for me, but he also grabbed at the chance to follow the adventures of a River Piker in unfamiliar territory. We were […]


Choose your mark carefully this weekend

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With potentially tough conditions for fishing this weekend, the choice of mark will be the deciding factor between success and failure. The tides are picking up, so they should be far better then they have been for most of the week. If you are thinking of coming down to fish Chesil, then I would think […]


Fly Fishing for Blue Sharks On The UK Coast!

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Fishing for blue and other species of shark in the UK is becoming more popular year on year as anglers realise there are actually ‘big fish’ in our waters and it’s no longer essential to travel abroad to get into some serious action. Some charter boats have been hitting the headlines for years with their […]


Lure and fly fishing for Wrasse

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Fly fishing for Wrasse! Is that some sort of mistake, I hear you ask? Not at all. If you remember from last week, I mentioned that I was going to attempt to catch something a bit different with my new fly rod. My target species was Wrasse. I have had quite a few Wrasse on […]

Bass Chap2

The right choice.

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After the disaster of last weekend comprising on venues and still no fish. The confidence factor had taken a bit of a knock. I don’t know if I’m alone, but sometimes when you have good bait, a proven venue and good tides you get a certain gut feeling. Maybe it’s confidence through experience but sometimes you […]


At last the fishing has started to take off

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This week has seen the first of the Bream arrive on Chesil, along with loads of small Smoothound. Kevin Webb, was lucky enough to be fishing at Abbotsbury and landed both. You can guarantee if the Bream are at Abbotsbury, there will be even more down the Portland and Ferrybridge end of the beach. The […]

Little Bass

The wrong choice.

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After collecting a dozen or so prime peelers and digging some fat juicy lugworm on Saturday afternoon. The question was where to go?? Selsey or the Solent were too far for the smoothound so decisions?? As Sean has commented this weekend really kick starts the summer season in terms of Bass fishing, and for myself […]


The Bass are back…..

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….as predicted the Bass turned up over this weekends spring tides and Sean was out to meet them lure rod in hand. Sean is out guiding so no report from him today but a full report will be posted tomorrow. I know the best tides for lure guiding are already getting booked up so now […]

Hazel Bass

Fly and lure fishing for Bass around Hayling Island

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During the summer months Hayling Island can be one of the best fishing marks on the south coast both from the beaches and off the boats. This week I was invited on a boat to join my good friend Ian on a Bass fishing trip with a difference. Ian has been a keen angler for […]

Lure Bass1

This should be the weekend the Bass turn up

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Bass fishing in Dorset, or at least around Portland and Weymouth normally bursts into life on this set of spring tides each May. Well those spring tides are building up right now, and I for one hope that the Bass follow the same pattern that they have been doing so for as long as I […]

CHris C COd

Wreck fishing from Weymouth onboard Snapper with Eddystone Eels

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Combine the youth and exuberance of a young charter boat skipper with Eddystone Eels, one of the oldest and best known names for lures in the UK and you get a great fishing combination, especially for a days Wreck or Bass fishing. The Weymouth charter fishing fleet, has long been regarded as one of the largest […]

Ellie Ray

Solent Smoothounds and Rays

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Smoothound fishing in the Solent can be amazing. In my first report for Fishing Tails, I will take you through a recent trip after the Smoothounds and Rays that the Solent is famous for. Myself and my friend Alan Brown decided to head to a local mark on the shore at Selsey, West Sussex. We […]


Missed opportunities!

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Don’t you just hate it when you have planned to go fishing and something comes up, and you cant go. You just know that your going to miss out on a good trip. That’s exactly what happened to me on Sunday. I was going to join Luke Pettis on his charter boat Snapper out of […]

Plaice Kev1

Never trust long range forecasts

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A few days ago I looked at the weather forecast for the weekend, and it looked terrible for Saturday. I then start to change the plans I had, to move them to Sunday. Now I see that with the weekend almost upon us, the weather looks reasonable for Saturday. Hopefully I can turn my plans […]


Extending the fishing forecasts and new writers

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I am delighted to announce that Fishing Tails is extending its coverage area, with the addition of two new contributors. I am sure many people already know of them, the first is one of the countries most well known women anglers and top bait digger, Hazel Tipping who runs Hookers baits. Our other new contributor, […]


A typical bank holiday weekend.

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The fishing last weekend in West Dorset, was pretty much like the typical bank holiday weekend; rubbish! Unfortunately the Bass that I had hoped would turn up, didn’t, despite fishing in almost perfect Bass conditions on Preston Beach. My hope is that they will make an appearance on the next set of spring tides. I […]


Christening my new Reel, Akios S-line 656ctm

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For a long time now I have been looking to buy a new reel to replace my ageing Abu 6500 multiplier. After some research on the web, I found what I hope will be a worthy replacement for my battered little Abu. I found akios reels had been getting some very good reviews. The  Akios company […]


Spring Fishing

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With the first May bank holiday upon us, I am sure you have been looking at the wind forecast as keenly as I have. To say that it is going to be changeable over the weekend is an understatement. Fresh to strong Easterlies for the next couple of days, then switching to a strong SW […]

Simon Bass

How long before the Bass and Bream arrive?

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  The Mackerel and Plaice are here, but how long will it be before we see the return of some of the other summer species? Well the good news is that I have had reports of Bass being caught from Kimmeridge to Portland Harbour. They are not around in large numbers yet, but I expect […]

Chesil Cove

Looks like a good weekend ahead.

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The short term forecast is far better than when I looked on Monday. The strong winds that were due to hit late this afternoon are now going to be nothing more than a strong breeze. This combined with small tides, should be ideal for Plaice fishing on Chesil. It seems that the smaller tides are […]


When the wind is in the East, the fish bite the least!

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As the saying goes “When the wind is in East the fish bite least!” A lot has been written about why fish feed less during easterly winds. For me and the people who fish around Poole. I think it has less to do with fish feeding patterns, and more to do with the problems that […]