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  • Late last year I was out in Southern Oman, fishing with the excellent No Boundaries operation. The aim of the game was to try out some new tackle, have some good laughs, and most importantly, catch some world class fish! I was fishing with some Australian mates Tim van Bockxmeer [...]

  • Over the winter period my beach casting rod has been used and abused. As a result some of the rings have become damaged or broken. I decided that the rod needed a thorough overhaul and replace all the rings completely. I shopped around for some prices to have the rings [...]

  • We are in the depths of fishing despair, or at least I feel I am. I did get out a couple of times last week. Once doing some fishing lessons in Axemouth, which was nice, especially to see a different area and recce some Mullet and bass fishing for the [...]

  • Spain is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, especially for British tourists. What makes Spain so special is its weather, culture and amazing beaches. One other thing that make Spain a top destination for a summer vacation is fishing. Fishing is fantastic in Spain, especially deep [...]

  • The title of this post is my attempt to feel positive about the fishing at the moment. Lets be honest, there is not a lot happening along most of the Dorset shoreline. However you may have seen Leo’s short Poole report yesterday, where he came across a couple of anglers [...]

  • With the fishing fairly quiet in the harbour and surrounding areas. I had decided to earn a few brownie points and use this lean time to concentrate on the house. Do all those jobs that I had been promising to do all summer and into early winter!! That’s not say that I haven’t [...]

  • Despite a bit of a blow on Friday, the Codling didn’t show this weekend, as I hoped they might have done. That really is it from Chesil for a few weeks until the Plaice start to show. Just because there are very few fish on Chesil, it doesn’t mean that [...]

  • It’s that LRF fishing time of year again. I know when the fishing really slows down, when I start to break out my LRF fishing gear in an attempt to get a fishy fix. But lets be honest, its better to be out fishing than sat at home watching Scotland [...]